Industry Specific Packages and Coverage’s

Click on the Industries Below to Learn AboutTheir Tailored Insurance Packages

Restaurants – including Casual and Family Dining, Fast Food, Fined Dining, Deli Shops, Pizza

Automotive Service & Repair – including Body Shops, Transmission Shops, Auto Glass Repair, Muffler Shops, Oil Change, Car Washes, General Repair Shop

Auto Dealers – New and Used

Manufacturing – including Computer and Office equipment, Plastic Products, Stone, Clay
and Glass Products, Metal Working and Fabrication, Food and Paper Products

Real Estate – including Light Manufacturing, Industrial, Warehouse, Office Buildings, Mixed Occupancy and Retail Real Estate E&O

Retail – including Offices, Food Stores, Hardware, Dry Cleaners

Church and Religous Organizations – including Houses of Worship, Churches, Mosques, Shrines, Synagogues, Temples, Convents and Monestaries Church Professional Liability

Wholesale Distribution

Contractors – including Electricians, Plumbers,HVAC Technicians, Painters, Flooring, Landscapers, Janitorial Services

These are just a few of the types of coverages we offer for Commercial Insurance


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