Texas Homeowners Insurance Coverage’s

Here are some of the Coverage’s we offer that many other policies do not

Loss Settlement for Dwelling and Separate Structures – With our policy you have 365 days to replace property from the time you receive your Actual Cash Value (ACV) payment.

Extended Replacement Cost Coverage for the Dwelling – 25% of Coverage A limit is included in policy. We also give you the option to increase it to 50%

Additional Living Expense – The limit is 40% of Coverage A and 23 months

Identity Theft Coverage for no Additional Premium – You have a $28,500 limit for expenses to recover name in an ID Theft situation

Unauthorized Use of Credit Cards, Check Forgery and Good Faith Acceptance of Counterfiet Money – policy offers $1,500 for this situation

Personal Property Limit -Policy includes 75% of Coverage A

Ordinance Law Code Law – If a dwelling has to be brought up to code after a loss 10% of Coverage A is included at no addtional premium. We can increase to 50%.

Theft of Furs, Precious Stones, Watches and Jewelry – Included in Texas policy is $5,000 limit with cap of $1,000 per article

Theft of Siverware, Platinum, Pewter and Gold – $3,000 in coverage is provided in policy

Homeowners Insurance

Firearms, Ammunitions Gun – Included coverage provides $3,000 for theft of guns. These can be increase or scheduled.

Personal Property Located Away From Residence – 15% of Coverage C limit applies vs. 10% in most other policies.

Texas Homeowners Quote

Pet Coverage – Our Texas Homeowners policy will pay up to $500 for veterinary care, burial, injury or death in the event of a covered loss on premise

Watercraft – Windsurfer Our policy covers watercraft including boats, barge, deckboat, sea doo, wave runner, personal watercraft, john boat, fishing boat for up to $3,000

Reward Money – The Next Gen policy will pay up to $5,000 for information that leads to conviction of Arson, Burglary or Vandalism


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