Restaurant Package

There are many types of restaurants that we cover all over Texas. Restaurants are usually classified in one of the following categories.

Casual and Family Dining – average meal costs $5 – $18, may include beer, wine and liquor sales

Fast Food – food ordered from counter, meals cost under $5, most have drive-thru and take-out

Fine Dining – usually open for dinner only, sometimes open for lunch, serving gourmet meals, high cost wine, dress code and valet. Average meal cost is over $18.

Limited No Cooking – No frying, broiling, or other cooking methods. Some examples include deli’s, pizza places, sub shops. Food is heated or reheated in oven or microwave.

Each type of restaurant has some similar risks and concerns, but also can very different exposures owners must consider. We will help you put together a contigency plan to help out in the event of a loss. Some of the coverage’s include the following.

Income Replacement – replace lossed income while your restaurant is closed due to a covered loss

Loss of Use – pays additional rents to operate out of another location while damaged location is repaired

Food Spoilage – covers cost of food lost during covered loss

Employee Practices Liability – pays defense cost for sexual harrasement, wrongful termination lawsuits among others

Machinery Breakdown – repairs or replaces machinery that breaks down that essential to your operation


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